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Rejuvenating Women Hair Loss Treatment

Price: $78

A comprehensive treatment targeted at solving the root of your hair loss problem. Enhanced with an exclusive synergy of energizing and protective blend of powerful natural botanical ingredients, it has been clinically proven to stop hair loss and improve hair growth. Regular treatments are recommended for significant results.

Essential Oil to help regenerate the hair bulb.
Gingko Biloba boost cell renewal and promotes hair growth. Vitamin B5 & B6 reduces white hair.

Rejuvenating Men Hair Loss Treatment

Price: $78

This treatment is targeted at men with normal to severe and chronic hair loss problem. It helps to stimulate the hair bulb area to restore healthy and vigorous hair growth. Clinically proven to be effective if treated regularly.

Grapeseed extract has anti-aging properties that protects hair bulb from harmful radicals.
Cananga oil increases scalp metabolism.
Serenoa extracts reduces DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) production.

Healing Dandruff Treatment

Price: $78

This is a triple-action dandruff treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells, deeply cleanse and purify the scalp. Also provides a soothing feeling to the scalp. Piroctone Olamine, a gentle anti-dandruff ingredient removes Malassezia fungus and thus stopping dandruff formulation. This treatment helps to regulate scalp renewal and creates a pleasant sensation of freshness after the treatment.

Reduce scalp irritation and soothes the itching.
Deeply cleanses the scalp.
Castor oil to maintain hydration of hair.

Purifying Oily Scalp Treatment

Price: $78

This treatment provides a rejuvenating experience for your scalp. It re-establishes sebum function and purifies the scalp with Serenoa extract. Lemon essential oil rebalances your scalp and regulates sebum secretion. It also lightens the hair at its root, restoring its original volume, creating a healthy bounce and shine.

Lemon Essential oil to rebalance scalp.
Serenoa extracts regulates sebum glands.
Deeply cleanse and purify scalp.
Adds volume to the hair.

Calming Scalp Treatment

Price: $78

A synergy of ingredients used in the treatment that will help to stabilize scalp as well as to provide intensive hydrating treatment for the hair. It enables the scalp to regain its natural balance and maintains its natural defense system while instantly soothes itching and efficiently combats irritation of the scalp. The addition of a combination of essential oils will replenish moisture and add shine to dry hair.

Aloe vera helps to relieve irritated and sensitive scalp.
Helps to rebalance scalp.
Deeply cleanse and purify scalp.
Essential oils to hydrate and moisturize the scalp.
Protects cell membranes.

Oxy Scalp Treatment

Price: $168

Removes dead skin cells to allow growth of a new layer of healthy skin. Allows the nutrients and substances to be absorbed into the inner layer of the scalp for faster penetration, resulting in a healthier scalp.

Suitable for all scalp problems.
Treats and removes dead skin cells on the outer layer of the scalp to reveal a new and healthier layer of skin.

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