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(For Ladies only)
Massage services are available only at Novena Square 2.

Metabolizing Massage

Price: $98     Duration: 60 mins

A combination of natural herbs and herbal oil effectively stimulates the nerves and muscles to reduce numbness and aches. Helps loosen stiff muscles and in the long run prevents arthritis and rheumatism.

Figure Shaping Therapy 3-in-1

Price: $138     Duration: 60 mins

Suitable for arthritis & rheumatism patients, relieves stiff muscles and shoulder & neck aches. Recommended for people with a stressful & hectic lifestyle. Achieve a firmer and more curvaceous neckline.

Ocean Herbs Detox & Slimming Wrap

Price: $228     Duration: 60 mins

Appropriate for people who rarely exercise and frequently suffer from hand and feet numbness. Reduces water retention, eradicates cellulites and is most recommended for those who wants to slim down and lose weight.

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