FaceBodyHair NailSpa

(For Ladies only)

Head & Shoulder Massage

Price: $68     Duration: 20 mins

Combination of natural herbal oil to help loosen stiff muscles and neck, relieves joint aches. Especially good for people who suffer from frequent headache as it enchances the blood circulation system.

Tummy Shaping & Detox

Price: $128     Duration: 50 mins

Eliminates bloated-ness and flatulence in the tummy. Frequent detoxing will help reduce water retention and creates a trimmer shape through the fat combustion technique.

Acne Scar Removal Back Treatment

Price: $138     Duration: 60 mins

Seaweed as the main ingredient helps lighten scars, refines rough and uneven skin tone. High technology machine is used to help remove impurities and purify pores on the back.

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