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Silky Neck

Price: $88     Duration: 30 mins

Prevents dehydration, improves elasticity and firmness around the neck area. Achieve a smoother and more well toned neck.

Neck Firming Treatment

Price: $128     Duration: 30 mins

Exfoliate dead skin cells and trims down the neck area. Diminishes wrinkles around the neck area and reveals a smoother and firmer skin.

Eye Wrinkle Lightening

Price: $128     Duration: 40 mins

Eye cream is massaged gently around the eye area. Helps reduce puffiness and tired looking eyes. Improves skin elasticity and lessen wrinkles around the eye area.

Eye Secret

Price: $168     Duration: 50 mins

Natural seaweed extracts combined with collagen replenishes the vitamins beneficial for the eye. Reduces eye bags and dark eye circles effectively thus revealing a youthful and revitalized looking eyes.

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