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Anti-Aging Skincare

Collagen Enhancement

Price: $288     Duration: 100 mins

An ultra-rich treatment, enriched with vegetable collagen is ideal for combating imperfections of aged skin. Thoroughly repairs and tones the skin by restoring the growth of collagen cells, thus revealing a radiant, moisturized and firmer skin.

Advanced Lifting

Price: $398     Duration: 120 mins

A holistic treatment performed with the advanced technology to stimulate and increase moisture level of the inner skin. One treatment is equivalent to 720 times of hand massages. Helps improve skin’s elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin.

Anti-Aging Formula with Crystal Touch

Price: $398     Duration: 120 mins

Revolutionary skin restoration process Regenerates the epidermal cell structure b. Helps promote the growth of collagen thus resulting in a more youthful and firmer skin.

Impact Ionic Lifting

Price: $498     Duration: 120 mins

Significantly redefines the face shape and contour in one treatment. Reduces appearance of wrinkles and re-hydrates the skin.

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