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Combination – Oily Skincare

Painless Extraction with Herbal Formula

Price: $128     Duration: 70 mins

Utilizes a machine to remove all blackheads and comedones painlessly. Effectively increases penetration of herbal essences into the skin.

Acne Control

Price: $128     Duration: 70 mins

Reduces the activeness of sebaceous glands in the skin. Helps retain skin moisture and balances skin’s PH level. This treatment also contains anti bacterial and germicidal effects to curb acne growth.

Sebum Control

Price: $188     Duration: 90 mins

Controls the sebum secretion of the skin. Healing properties in this treatment effectively reduces any signs of skin redness and swelling.

Youth Secrets

Price: $188     Duration: 90 mins

The secret properties of this treatment allow skin cells to reactivate and improves skin texture noticeably. Reduces growth of blackheads and refines open pores leading to a healthier looking skin tone.

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