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Q: Why is it important to wash your face?

A: Daily facial cleansing is important as it maintains the cleanliness of the inner skin and pores against oil and dirt. It helps to reduce the forming of acne and blackheads.

Q: Why is it important to remove your makeup?

A: Make up remover can help to remove chemical substances and impurities that are left on the face. Thus, it helps to reduce the forming of open pores, prevents pore blockage, smoothes uneven skin tones and pigmentation problems.

Q: Why is it important to remove dead skin cells on face?

A: User-friendly AHA products help to remove dead skin cells on the face and eradicate dark discoloration tones without harming the skin cells. It helps to improve skin regeneration and aids in the absorption of minerals.

Q:Why is it important to use toner on face after facial?

A:An alcohol-free toner has a hydrating effect on the skin. Toner helps to replenish skin with minerals and also balances the PH of skin, leaving the skin feeling fresh and vitalized.

Q:Why is it important to apply toner on your face twice?

A:First application on face is mainly to clean the outer layer of the skin. Chemical and impurities are only thoroughly removed during facial cleansing. The main purpose of a second application is to allow the skin cells to absorb and lock in the minerals from the toner.

Q:Why is it important to apply sun block on your face?

A:UVA and UVB light from the environment, infra-red lights from computer, germs and dirt in closed air-conditioned rooms will cause lost of minerals and increase the speed of skin aging. It also intensifies the development of dark color cells on skin and turns them into pigmentation and enlarged pores problem which may cause skin cancer. Therefore, it is a must to apply sun block on face to protect our skin cells.

Q:Why is it important to apply mask on face?

A:Mask application on face will help to increase blood circulation due to the heat produced. It also triggers the pores to open up. When we wash away the mask, it would then help to remove the impurities and dead skin cells from the open pores, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Q:Why is it important to replenish Vitamin C on skin?

A:Vitamin C has oxygenation effect on skin. It helps to increase the forming of collagen on skin and protects the skin against ultra violet rays. It also helps prevent the forming of fine lines and has a whitening effect on skin. As a result, it helps stop the forming of milia and comedones on face.

Q:How to prevent Dark Eye Circles?

A:Lack of sleep and long hours in front of the computer will cause the blood vessel around the eye area to accumulate blood causing it to turn greenish grey in color. Daily application of eye cream with slight massage would help to lighten and reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

Q:Why is it difficult to put on makeup sometimes?

A:Staying up late at night and infrequent use of facial products will cause the skin to turn dry and tired. As a result, it is very difficult for the skin to hold on to the application of foundation. Having a good night’s sleep and frequent facial routine will help improve the skin texture.

Q:Why is oxygen important for the skin?

A:Lack of oxygen on skin will cause the skin to age faster than normal thus causing it to look dull and lifeless. Oxygenated products help to agitate the metabolizing rate of cells and increase the forming of collagen. As a result, the forming of dead skin cells are slowed, skin temperature is reduced thus minimizing the sensitiveness of skin.

Q:How to achieve a fairer and whiter skin tone?

A:If your skin still does not illustrate a difference after using whitening products, it simply means that the problem might lie with your skin instead of the effects of the products. You may need to check your skin’s metabolizing or oxygenating rates. However, using the correct whitening product and sun block protection regularly will greatly improve your skin tone and texture.

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